A downloadable game for Windows

Bombertale is an Undertale fan-game that combines the classic game of Bomberman and combines it with the world of Undertale.

This game was orginally made as part of a networking class at UCI and was created to demonstrate our knowledge of networking and applying it to video games.

The game supports both Local and Online Multiplayer games of up to 4 different players.



Player 1

WASD - Movement

Space - Drop Bomb

Player 2

Up, Left, Right, Down Arrow Keys - Movement

Left Click - Drop Bomb

Player 3

5, 1, 2, 3 - Movement

0 - Drop Bomb

Player 4

I, J, K, L - Movement

P - Drop Bomb


WASD - Movement

Space - Drop Bomb

How To Play

To win the game defeat everybody else to be the last person standing!

Collect powerups to help you!

Ballet Slippers

These used shoes make you feel incredibly dangerous. Picking this up increases your movement speed.

Heart of Determination

As you survive all this chaos around you, you can't help but feel a little satisfied that you're still alive. Picking this up grants you temporary invincibility.


Do you remember his name? He's dying to know if you do. Picking him up will increase the explosion length of your bombs.

Extra Bomb

WHERE DID YOU EVEN GET THESE? WHY ARE THEY JUST LYING AROUND? Picking this up will give you another bomb to use.


Bombertale.zip 47 MB