A downloadable game for Windows

Runeforge is a 2D store management game mixed with fun-filled minigames. As the main character, you craft runes and manage your store for your mother. With up to 4 different minigames, the fun never ends!

This game was made in Unity with C# and was for my Senior Capstone Project at UCI. We were given two quarters (around a little more than 20 weeks) to complete a polished game of our choice.

Credits to my team:

Efren Aguilar - Sound(Feedback, Music, Etc.), Programming(Tutorial, Gameplay), Gameplay Designer

Monami Yang - Artist(UI Art, Character Art, Animations, Background Art, Etc.), UI Designer

Edwin Ho - Programmer(Gameplay, Main UI), Gameplay and UI Designer

Peter Truong - Programmer(Tutorial, Gameplay, Feedback UI), Gameplay and UI Designer

Chris Peterson - Systems Designer (Core Mechanics of the Game)

Install instructions

Download both files and make sure they are in the same directory. Unzip Runeforge.zip and then play through Runeforge.exe.


Runeforge.7z 340 MB