A downloadable game for Windows

"Shut Up and Escape With Me" is our virtual reality horror labyrinth game that we created for Hack UCI. The project was programmed with C# and the engine used is Unity. It was a team project and was coded within the allotted time from 10:00 PM on Friday to 11:00 AM on Sunday.

The first part of our project required us to utilize the Oculus VR camera object and to be able to manipulate it with our character model. We decided to create a randomly generated maze for different levels of our game to make it unique for every playthrough.

Afterwards, we added the enemies and our actual player model with special mechanics. These mechanics included the ability to mark walls with three unique symbols to serve as helpful tools for the player. We also added a drone that allows you to scout out the ghouls hiding beneath the ground. The drone will pass any ghoul during its travel time and leave behind a cloudy red aura symbolizing the presence of a ghoul. The ghouls will climb and attack the player, adding to the horror aspect.

We hope you enjoy our game!

CONTROLS: Oculus Rift is optional, but recommended with an Xbox One Controller.


  • Oculus Rift (or Xbox Controller Right Thumbstick) for rotation
  • Xbox Controls:
    • X, Y, B: Place respected marker color on wall
    • A: Melee Attack
    • Left Trigger: Send a drone out
    • Right Trigger: Sprint


  • Mouse for rotation
  • Keyboard Controls:
    • WSAD control scheme
    • Left Click: Melee Attack
    • Right Click: Send a drone out
    • Z, X, C: Place respected marker color on wall
    • Shift: Sprint

Credits: Peter Truong, Edwin Ho, and Efren Aguilar

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and run "Shut Up and Escape With Me.exe."


Shut Up and Escape With Me.zip 53 MB